Facility Safety

Facility Safety Profiles

The Newton Fire Department recommends that all apartment complexes, industrial sites, schools, government facilities, healthcare facilities, and businesses of all sizes create a free Smart911 facility safety profile. Your profile is immediately available to 9-1-1 dispatchers and first responders in the event that an emergency occurs in your facility. Any information which might be helpful in an emergency situation should be included in the profile, including:

  • Floorplans / maps
  • Key personnel and emergency contacts
  • Emergency Plans
  • Utility shutoff locations
  • Hazardous material information
  • AED locations
  • Landline phone locations
  • Lists of CPR/AED trained personnel
  • Alarm and security camera information

To get started, visit www.NewtonPolice.org/SafetyLink and click on “Create your Facility Profile now.”

Rapid Entry/Lock Box Program

Locked doors and secured entry points can delay emergency response when an incident occurs in your facility. Enable first responder rapid access by installing a secure UL listed Knox-Box that houses entry keys and access cards. These rugged lock boxes are resistant to physical attack, vandalism, and extreme weather conditions. Installing a Knox-Box allows:

    Eliminate barriers and allow first responders to quickly gain access to secured properties when time matters most.
    Protect property, inventory, and thousands of dollars in investments from fire and water damage by providing rapid emergency access to first responders.
  • COST
    Eliminate costly repair from forced entry with Knox one-time investment.
    All products are Built Knox-Rugged to require little maintenance and retain their operational integrity even under extreme weather conditions.
    Only your local first responders have the authority to access your Knox Box.

For properties within the Town of Newton, download a Knox-Box order form. Make sure you contact us to ensure that your facility is within our response area and we can give you guidance on where to best install it to ensure the best access for our first responders.